Two Announcements: Tap Tap Maps! plus New Family Member

by James Richards February 24, 2012

I'm working on a new product launch called Tap Tap Maps!

Tap Tap Maps! Website


It's a series of customizable app templates that make it quick and easy to get your ArcGIS maps onto mobile devices.

We are launching this product using the Lean Startup approach, so our first goal to validate our problem/solution fit hypothesis. That's why we've put up our landing page in advance of release.

We are initially targeting local governments, so if you are are a CIO or GIS person in local government, feel free to visit the site and sign up for more information. You can also follow us on twitter at @taptapmaps. We are actively looking for 10-20 early adopters to beta test and provide feedback.

We will be building out an initial prototype starting tonight at Startup Weekend Los Angeles being held at the awesome CoLoft space in Santa Monica. Last year at this same event, I participated in the thrilling launch of Zaarly. No matter what happens this weekend it's going to be fun and I'll continue to share my experiences with Tap Tap Maps! as we go along.

In case you're wondering why I haven't blogged in a while, this little guy has been keeping us pretty busy :-)


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Tip: How to Attach an ArcSDE Personal Database File After Moving It

by James Richards April 13, 2011

I recently needed to move an ArcSDE Personal database file from my local hard drive to another location. The directory where the MDF and LDF files are located is different on the target computer. This caused problems when attempting to attach the database in ArcCatalog. I received the following error message:

Problem selecting this Geodatabase file
File activation failure. The physical file name
"C:\GIS Data\MyDatabase.LDF" may be incorrect.

It seems that ArcCatalog does not figure out that log file has moved along side the MDF file. To solve the problem, I attached the database using SQL Server Management Studio, which automatically fixes the path to the LDF file.

But this created a second problem. Now that the database is attached to the local SQLEXPRESS instance with Management Studio, attempting to attach it in ArcCatalog causes this error:

Problem selecting this Geodatabase file
CREATE FILE encountered operating system error 32(The process cannot
access the file because it is already being used by another process.) while
attempting to open or create the physical file 'D:\GIS

This was easily solved by detaching the database in SQL Server Management Studio and then attaching it in ArcCatalog.


To move an ArcSDE Personal database to a new location with a different directory path, first attach the MDF file to SQLEXPRESS using SQL Server Management Studio. This will fix the broken path to the log file. Then detatch the database and attach it in ArcCatalog.

Hope this helps!

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QuakeFeed in App Store, Webinar, White Paper

by James Richards December 01, 2010

QuakeFeed Now Available in the App Store

QuakeFeed is now available in the App Store! This is a free app that I've created using the Esri ArcGIS API for iOS.

Download Now: QuakeFeed in the iTunes Store

The app displays all earthquakes from the past 7 days with a magnitude > 2.5 on a map or in list. Six beautiful base maps are provided by Esri. A variety of filter and sort options are available. The app is location aware so you can find quakes that are closest to you. It has an intuitive user interface and features Twitter, Facebook, and email integration.

QuakeFeed Screenshot


Esri ArcGIS for iOS Webinar Archive

Earlier this month I participated in a Directions Media Webinar in which I shared some tips & tricks and lessons learned while developing QuakeFeed and working on another ArcGIS API for iOS integration project for our client CitySourced. The archive of this webinar is now available on the Directions site.

View now: ArcGIS for the iPhone and iPad (Registration Required). 

Note: My portion of the Webinar starts at 22:45.


Esri ArcGIS For iOS White Paper

For this event, myself and Kurt Daradics of CitySourced also collaborated on a technical white paper.

The paper begins with an overview of the CitySourced app and the reasons why they migrated to the ArcGIS API for iOS.

A technical discussion follows, with code samples that show:

  • Base map options available through the API.
  • Waiting for the map to load before drawing graphics.
  • How to perform WGS84 to Web Mercator transformation on the device.
  • Tips for drawing pins on the map for improved usability.

Dowload now: CitySourced ArcGIS API for iOS Implementation

For those if you interested in working with the ArcGIS API for iOS, I'll be expanding on these topics and more in the coming weeks.

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