My Favorite Tweets from the ESRI BPC / Devsummit - Day 5

by James Richards March 25, 2010

Presenting the final day of my favorite tweets from the ESRI Business Partners Conference / Developer Summit. Many thanks to all the Tweeps who kept the rest of us informed. I hope my small role of documenting my favorites has helped a few others.

  • - Empty halls at #devsummit. Guess the party last night was a success. #earlybirdsession - via @martenhogeweg
  • #MVC, test-driven development & #IOC shown with #Cairngorm 3 #devsummit #flex #as3 - via @dafkobyte
  • Extending the tiledmapservicelayer in silverlight with @rex_hansen using openstreetmap. Very cool. #devsummit - via @vtforester
  • @SharpGIS Dissin' the Flex folks. Too funny. I'm thinking Dodgeball game...flex team vs silverlight team. #devsummit - via @vtforester
  • Yay Jeremy! "Don't put ArcMap inside firefox" #devsummit #usability - via @bnoyle
  • For those interested in JS API 2 public need to get the bits from ESRI blogs. not integrated into resource centers yet #devsummit - via @bnoyle
  • Idea for next #DevSummit - API team should show nice, well designed workflow apps, and then go through how to build'em and release src - via @dbouwman
  • heard some people wondering what happened to gdb versioning. indeed no talk by ESRI at #devsummit -all web editing going directly to the gdb - via @oseidel
  • New Geolocator stuff is impressive. Configurable, Grammar-based with a plugin model.  Unicode/internationalised. Total rewrite. #DevSummit - via @geeknixta
  • Learn more about the forthcoming #ESRI ArcGIS Explorer Online from these #devsummit videos: - via @bernszukalski
  • ArcGIS 10 Final release in June #devsummit - via @RealIdahoBoy
  • arcgis 10 prerelease available for all EDN #devsummit - via @Gazymodo
  • Everyone heard, ezre said Fedora 12 support on its way. #devsummit - via @cageyjames
  • @cageyjames fedora not at 10, that is post 10 #devsummit - via @spangrud
  • Arcgisserver 10 to get openid support in the future! #devsummit - via @RealIdahoBoy
  • #ArcGIS SDK for #iPhone: map layers, overlay graphics, search/id, locate address, collect data & tasks. #devsummit - via @dafkobyte
  • Disappointed that feature service web editing is only supported using SDE. Small-ish shops could really benefit from this. #devsummit - via @BrightRain
  • Last day of #devsummit. Thanks to everyone at #ESRI and I look forward to seeing you all next year. - via @calvinit21
  • at Palm Springs airport. goodbye #devsummit - via @Gazymodo

For newcomers to the series, here are my day 1, day 2day 3 and day 4 favorites.


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My Favorite Tweets from the ESRI BPC / Devsummit - Day 4

by James Richards March 24, 2010

Presenting day 4 of my favorite tweets from the ESRI Business Partners Conference / Developer Summit. A lot more tweets coming through today with the #devsummit hash tag than there were the first two days with the #esri_bpc hash tag. My unscientific conclusion is that developers use Twitter more than business types.

  • @trbaker Where are your #Twitter followers? GeoTweeters: #devsummit #gis #socialnetworking - via @geoinformacao
  • Sweet! We wom the mashup challenge! Plus big shout out to @dbouwman from #esri #devsummit - via @bnoyle
  • #ESRI #mashup challenge winners now online at #DevSummit #esridevsummit - via @giseducation
  • Recently "mashup," now "cloud." Keywords we get to listen to for a while. #devsummit - via @RealIdahoBoy
  • David Chappell: "Startups love cloud platforms. They allow startups to fail fast and cheaply (or even free)." #devsummit - via @ChrisSpagnuolo
  • Hopefully Chappell will show how expensive windows azure is. #devsummit - via @cageyjames
  • #esri story on cloud computing is good, but still need more info on cost/time to scale and a move away from ELA only needed #devsummit - via @bnoyle
  • Spatial data stored in user tables, can be accessed via SQL #devsummit - via @TrippingTheBits
  • It is odd to me tho that complex maps perform better using SHP in AGS. #devsummit - via @kirrilian
  • The Flex editor is nice, but worry some will forget to use tools in the context of a workflow. Don't re-create ArcEditor in Flex! #DevSummit - via @dbouwman
  • New to ArcGIS 10: Query Layers = layers based on real SQL queries! #devsummit - via @TrippingTheBits
  • Sounds like FGDB API is still a ways off #devsummit - via @cageyjames
  • No support for Annotation, Relationships, Networks, Topologies, Representations, Terrains and Parcel Fabrics in FGDB API #devsummit - via @cageyjames
  • Sweet. Ed architecting a SQL compatible geocode soln. Off the cuff in response to question #devsummit - via @bnoyle
  • Browser usage in demos: Firefox = most, Chrome = a couple, IE = NONE. #devsummit - via @gadtweet
  • REST extension URLs: /serverUrl/exts/extName/extMethod #devsummit - via @TrippingTheBits
  • Woah, add AGS Inet connection to ArcMap, right-click, choose Edit Features, makes local copy, sync back to db #devsummit - via @TrippingTheBits
  • #devsummit ver 2 of esri #silverlight API built on #VS2010 and #SL4. New widgets for editing,time,and feature data editing in toolkit. - via @cfemmer
  • #devsummit @SharpGIS is spreading the #SL goodness. woot for binding and commanding! - via @jrockers
  • Playing with ArcGIS Explorer sdk...pretty awesome! A lot more control than I expected! #devsummit - via @NateStrout
  • iPhone SDK for AGS Server interesting. If only I had a Mac for development.... #devsummit - via @northpointgis
  • MS Surface demo, picking AGOL sources and dropping onto a map is slick! #DevSummit - via @geeknixta
  • #devsummit Iphone SDK will work with iPad and iTouch too. SDK assumes always on connection. - via @jshek

For newcomers to the series, here are my day 1, day 2 and day 3 favorites.


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