My Favorite Tweets from the ESRI BPC / Devsummit - Day 1

by James Richards March 21, 2010

For those of you (like me) who couldn't make it to the ESRI Business Partner Conference / Developer Summit, you can follow the action on Twitter with the hash code #esri_bpc. You should also keep an eye on #devsummit since @dbouwman seems to have an aversion to typing underscores.

Here are a few of my favorite tweets from day 1:

  • #esri_bpc: Where ESRI decides when and how to eat its offspring. - via @howardbutler
  • 4min to have AGS set-up in the cloud? Wow! That should drop some billable hours... #esri_bpc - via @spanaut
  • ArcGIS in the Amazon cloud will work just like any other platform - except for the loading tons of data ;-) #esri_bpc - via @cmcginty
  • Dear ESRI, stop saying it takes 4 min to set up ArcGIS on AWS. #false #esri_bpc - via @cageyjames
  • Both an iPhone app for ArcGIS and an iPhone SDK will be available with ArcGIS 10 #ESRI_BPC - via @jeroenvanwinden
  • No support for legend /toc in rest api at 10... This is a GOOD thing! #devsummit - via @dbouwman
  • Just had demo of SQL Azure Spatial from Spatial Ed at #esri_bpc -- impressive. See Ed's blog + #FME just *works* on it - via @DaleAtSafe
  • @ESRI should be paying @dbouwman & @cageyjames some coin for their coverage of AGS10 at #DevSummit. <foil hat on> - via @tokumin
  • As compelling at this session is, I'm gonna install v10 beta on my laptop... #multi-tasking #DevSummit - via @dbouwman


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ESRI | Planet GS


3/22/2010 7:12:47 PM #


My Favorite Tweets from the ESRI BPC / Devsummit - Day 2

My Favorite Tweets from the ESRI BPC / Devsummit - Day 2

Programming and the GeoWeb |

3/25/2010 6:41:40 AM #


ESRI DevSummit/BPC News Round Up

While the DevSummit and Business Partner Conference are aimed at ESRI's developers and resellers, typically many of the announcements will ultimately trickle down to the users. Among the announcements of note: - a new integrated platform for

All Points Blog |

6/9/2011 12:40:36 AM #


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